New Podcast Up: Season 2, Episode 1 with Senator Jim Ananich

For Season 2, Episode 1, I sat down with Michigan State Senator Jim Ananich, a friend of nearly three decades. Our relationship had been characterized by tennis and basketball, using my 50% discount at Bennigan’s when we weren’t hungry, and spontaneous explosions of Dayton Family rap sessions in public. Somehow we’ve become responsible adults with children, and Jim is now the highest ranking democrat in the Michigan Senate. Thankfully he has not lost his integrity or his sense of humor.  In this chat we cover a lot: his harrowing adoption journey; losing both parents at a young age; and fatherhood as a catalyst for growth. Sit back, get ready to learn and to laugh.

Also covered in the conversation:

  • When your kid doesn’t care that the governor is calling
  • Peabo Bryson
  • Why dumb people shouldn’t form education policy
  • Raising a biracial son
  • Dragging days, flying weeks
  • The self-destructive macho veneer of most men

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